Tommy Pace

Tommy Pace is an experienced tour guide and photographer who has a passion for food and wine. Tommy is currently residing in Burgundy, France where he works in the wine industry.

I’m a photographer.

Although I was introduced to photography quite young, I didn’t get addicted to it until I was in high school. I took a class and fell in love with the darkroom. The magic (and science) of seeing an image come to life for the first time is incredible. For nearly a decade, I developed film in a bathroom. I printed photos in borrowed or rented spaces just to keep the skills alive. As technology progressed, I started having my film scanned and began editing on the computer. It allowed me to share my craft with others. I wasn’t quite ready to give up film until I started traveling more extensively. Yes digital is fabulous but I still have a drawer of old cameras and film for nostalgic reasons.

Today I carry a camera with me everywhere just in case I see something worth capturing. I like to capture landscapes, portraits, little life details and so much more. 

Carbonneau Barrels.jpg

Wine? Yes Please.

If you haven't guessed by the photography, I like to travel. And I like to travel to wine regions. My love for wine has been present since a study abroad experience at age 16.

Recently, I took the jump into the wine industry. I started off as a lowly harvest intern at a mid-sized winery in the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. Quickly I transitioned to working for a vineyard management company that specializes in Pinot Noir in the cooler vineyards of the Russian River Valley. Today I work in the cellar, and occasionally in the tasting room, for a small winery that focuses on French and Italian inspired wines made from estate vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley.

Future goals include studying in Beaune, France, working in the Rhône Valley, and starting my own wine label.

What else do you need to know?

I like art. I’m obsessed with food. I love to travel (former tour guide in France). I am a road cyclist who has an affinity for mountain biking. I like being outside and I love to ski.

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