Tommy Pace

Tommy Pace is a photographer who has a passion for travel, food, and wine. Tommy is currently residing in Burgundy, France where he works in the wine industry.

A new Instagram account

To separate out my new analog photos from my digital, everyday, images, I'm creating a new Instagram account. Check it out! Below are the five most recent images!

I'm switching back to film...

I'm not sure I've ever really mastered film. I remember thinking that I was getting good at understanding exposure and development but, in retrospect, I was still just goofing around. As film and development started to go up in price, I switched to digital. It was an attractive medium and I was seduced by the instant results. It also allowed me to take thousands and thousands of photos without having to throw down for development costs. Unfortunately, the digital transition took away the tangible results, negatives and prints, as well as the process that I loved.

I've hardly used my DSLR over the past few years and I keep using my iPhone to take photos to post Instagram or elsewhere. Photography was becoming lost to me.

Now, roughly ten years after I purchased my first digital camera, I find myself transitioning back to film. Actually, I've never really forgotten the world of analog photography. I've kept my cameras and accumulated more despite not having purchased film in a decade. I held on to my film developing notebooks, tanks, and reels.

This winter, there was a clear decision to put away the digital camera and to focus on film. It was as much a decision about my lifestyle as it was about photography. 

Slow down. Think about what you're doing. Enjoy the moment.

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